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Lasercutter: Trotec Speedy 400


The Laser is a 80 Watt Trotec Speedy 400. It has a build area of 100*60 cm. It is a CO2 Laser, here is a list of materials that can be cut.

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Tech Specification

Engraving Area1000 x 600 mm
Maximum Material Height 305 mm
Laser Wattage80 watts
Laser SourceState-of-the-art, digitally controlled, air-cooled CO2 laser tubes are fully modular, permanently aligned and field replaceable.
Air AssistAttached air compressor to remove heat and combustible gases from the cutting surface by directing a constant stream of compressed air across the cutting surface.
Red Dot PointerSince the laser beam is invisible, the Red Dot Pointer on Speedy 400's Laser allows you to have a visual reference for locating where the laser will fire.
Relocatable HomeWhen engraving items that are not easily placed at the top corner of the laser, you can set a marker by hand with the Job Control Software.
Operating ModesOptimized raster, vector or combined modes.
Motion Control SystemHigh-speed micro stepper motors.
Resolution User controlled from 125/250/333/500/600/1000dpi 
Speed and Power ControlComputer or manually control speed and power in 1% increments to 100%. Vector color mapping links speed, power and focus to specific RGB color.
Print InterfaceUSB Connection.